Software for Marketing & Sales Automation ... to keep you competitive

„Now with Zero Cost Marketing significantly more customers
with extremely reduced advertising expenses“
. First conquer the hearts of your customers, then their heads .

Being and remaining competitive has a name:
„The funnels4winners all-in-one solution“

With the funnels4winners system you win more customers • easily and efficiently, fully automatically.

Get in touch with us now. It costs you nothing and is without obligation.

In a 10-minute conversation, we analyze your challenges and determine the potential for improvement. If we can help you, we will determine together in which form. Let us advise you personally.

Website and Funnel Builder

Create a web page or funnel 
quickly and easily

You want to generate contacts (leads) and acquire customers via the Internet? With a funnel (automatic marketing and sales system) you can achieve this - quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

How does a funnel work?

A sales process is presented with a page sequence. Automatic emails - also video emails for more attention - complete the system for more customers and sales.

As easy and efficient as possible

In all our striving, our goal is always to make marketing and sales as simple and efficient as possible. Through our "less is more" philosophy, we achieve maximum return on investment marketing with zero cost marketing. Without unnecessary expenses or other frippery.

More time, less stress, cost savings...

... thanks to automation of recurring time- and personnel-intensive processes.

Reduce your advertising costs drastically

• Lead costs ÷ 100

• Customer costs ÷ 20

Why do funnels work better than websites?

Websites provide comprehensive information; few make contact. And that's exactly what you want, because it gives you the chance for a dialog that builds trust. 

As you can see, websites are not suitable for direct contact, direct sales and the approach for ONE special offer, because they are rigid and without the agility of a funnel.

But it's through a funnel that you build lists for zero cost marketing with maximum return. Your goldmine.

USP: Software and implementation for you from a single source

Everything's perfect, whether you use the software yourself or top experts build your system for you.

The best experts implement for you. That's unique.


You want to get started right away?


Don't worry. You determine the pace and the effort. During the analysis meeting, you will learn about initial approaches to solutions. As needed and according to your wishes, our experts will take care of the implementation of your marketing and sales automation in a comprehensive and professional manner.


Be it a start-up solution or an all-encompassing implementation including content creation.


Everything is possible. Together we will find the right solution for you.


The best experts in content creation work with us. First-class copywriters and designers are at the starting line for you.


We advise you and you have personal support.

Your companion for the future


Our software is not designed to quickly build a single funnel. Ideally, you should use funnels4winners on an ongoing basis. 


If you launch a new product, a new service or a promotion, use a funnel for it. This way you develop a perfect online marketing with sustainability. In addition, you generate leads and expand your lists. You are smart. 


Your zero cost marketing generates maximum return marketing.


You are independent and flexible. You don't need expensive experts. You are the captain. You control your marketing and sales processes.


Do you want to acquire more knowledge and skills? Implement automated marketing and sales processes yourself? Handle all the tools and apps of our software - funnels4winners - with ease?


You will learn this in our live! training courses. Successively become a master of automated marketing.

Set a milestone, because your success is our motivation


We don't just sell software. We give you a hand to success. That's why top experts will take care of your project if you want them to. Our own software prevents dependencies and breakdowns. You are on the safe side and have our support.


Do you have any questions? Take the opportunity and book a free and non-binding analysis meeting with an expert. You invest only max. 10 minutes of your valuable time.

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