You think it's difficult to create a page and that it takes forever? Here is the proof that it is very fast and you will save a lot of time and therefore money. Only about 3 minutes! You will also save money if you let experts do it if you don't have time.


what you can do with this software and what it offers...

Page and Funnel Builder


With the unique linking system you link funnel pages - e.g. landing page, double opt-in page, access page, sales pages - among each other in seconds. Why tediously create individual web pages and link them? It costs unnecessary time and money. And it's not as secure.

Email communication

Create email campaigns quickly and easily with the built-in email robot and embed them into pages as you like. This is also done in minutes. Set the time when the emails should be sent.

This way there is no interface clutter and you don't always need expensive experts.


With our software you can also create websites that attract attention. You can integrate these into your funnels.

All funnel pages as well as websites are full responsive, which means they adapt to all screen sizes.

Design studio

In the unique design studio you can create beautiful pages or have them created. In the shortest possible time. This will inspire your prospects and customers.

Statement of a designer: "With this software and the design studio I can not only do much more than with other programs, I create my work in only one tenth of the time."

You save a lot of time and money.

Create a funnel in minutes with the prepared Quick Start Funnels.

USP: Mobile pages

In addition to pages for PC, you can easily create mobile pages that look perfect on smartphones and tablets held upright.

For the creation of mobile pages, we provide you with an in-house design studio. Everything included in your software package.

Payment processing


Integrate a payment provider in minutes. This is also very simple. We have chosen the most reputable payment provider in the German-speaking coutries and internationally: Digistore24.

Member area

Set up encrypted member areas where your customers can get your product or service.

Generator for legal documents

For this purpose we provide you with a system for all legal documents like legal notice, privacy policy, cookie policy, data center with deletion concept, so you can set up your footer quickly and professionally. You enter your company's details once in the profile and they will be automatically applied. Even sample texts are available.

The complete video workshop

For all procedures, we have created a video workshop for you with over 90 short videos. We guide you step by step to the goal.

If that is not enough, you can contact our support. There you will be helped. You can also book live training.

Can you create a page in 3 minutes with your page builder?

Can you build smart lists so fast and easy with your system?

Your start - your success

Take control, do it yourself. We have the easy-to-use technology for you... simple, fast, agile, dynamic.

Build highly effective marketing and sales systems in no time. Or, if you don't have time, let experts do it. Since they save a lot of time with our software, you save cash.

Tip: Have the first funnel created by experts. That way you have a perfect original. Then clone the funnel and add new content for another project.

Even small changes like replacing text, images, videos can be done quickly by yourself and you don't always need expensive experts. This saves you a lot of money.

Automate time-consuming and labor-intensive processes in your company and save time and money. You can do this yourself as well.


You no longer chase after your customers,
the customers are chasing you.

Email Robot
Autoresponding system

The best page builder is of little use if you don't use an email system to send email campaigns to your leads, prospects and customers. Because the follow-up is extremely important for the success of campaigns.

We have built in an all-in-one email robot for you. You can set up campaigns per page, you can also send emails to your smart lists at any time.

This will save you money and you won't have any integration problems (interface clutter).

So, as you already know, you can submit a quote at any time with the click of a button and at no cost. 

Beside regular emails you can also send lively video emails, video newsletters or audio emails (please note our bonuses at the end). You will be remembered and retain your customers in the long term. This means that you significantly increase the customer value.

Email campaigns

Campaigns are simple and quick to set up. 

An email is created and assigned to the relevant page and target audience. Then the time of sending is set and how often the email should be sent and in which intervals.

Email campaigns do not cost you anything. You don't even need time, because the campaigns are set up once and then sent fully automatically at the right time. Error rate is zero.

Since your prospects and customers have subscribed to your list(s), they are interested in your emails and open them. You stay in contact.

Can you build a whole email campaign with your email system in a few minutes and link it to your funnel?

Your mail server

If you wish, you can have your own mail server with your own IP address and an infinite number of email addresses with your domain (highly recommended). This way you have security and make a professional impression.

Various parameters allow you to analyze visitor behavior. How long was a visitor on which page of your funnel? What was done? How long was a video watched? When and how often was it clicked? How often was the funnel or its pages visited?

This gives you a clear picture of your funnel and allows you optimize if necessary.

Video communication
Video Email • Video Newsletter • Audio Email
Due to the economic situation, we are giving you some subscriptions to our outstanding tools so that you can get even more out of digitization for your company. Take advantage of these bonuses.
The lively and modern communication
Video and audio communication

In addition to regular email, you can use lively and attention-grabbing video emails and video newsletters, as well as audio emails, to create a completely different and much more personal communication with your customers.

Did you know that a video attracts five times more attention than a text? And while texts are often not read to the end, videos are usually watched to the end. So your message gets through.

And a voice message via audio email gets a lot of attention. Convenient to listen to anywhere with your smartphone.

Say it instead of writing it.

Video and audio recorder

The system also includes a video and audio recorder. So you can quickly and easily create video or audio recordings, load them directly into your system or download them to your PC.

You can create email campaigns that will inspire your prospects and customers.

Design studio

You will receive a great design studio that will allow you to create these video emails quickly and easily. There are no limits to the design, as it is a dynamic and responsive system.

You will be delighted with what you can do with it. Show your expertise, inspire...

And the best: video email, video newsletter and audio email are currently completely free for you. They are integrated in both software packages.

Video Uploader

Upload your videos directly to us. Quick and easy. Your videos are safe. Above all, your viewers will not be distracted by other videos or content.

Provide your videos with attention-grabbing video images, including animated images.
Online appointment planner
The appointment planner is your daily companion. Online and interactive.

Manage your appointments. Share your appointments with your employees and coordinate them. Allow customers and employees to make appointments with you online. Quickly and easily, without having to ask x times. Without misunderstandings.

Always have an overview of your appointment calendar and save time and effort.

You can even create separate appointment planners for individual projects or even your employees! And you can synchronize them with your agenda. This way you achieve maximum efficiency and time savings.

Where otherwise you pay extra for additional appointment planners and users, with us you don't pay more.

Online seminar
Online presentation

Online seminars and online presentations are a secret and very effective sales weapon. People can comfortably watch your seminar / presentation at home without pressure and buy your product / service online.

Our software lets you do this as well.

However, most business owners and entrepreneurs do not have time to hold live online seminars or presentations on a regular basis. For this reason, fully automated online seminars / presentations are ideal, which prospects can watch at any time.

Your seminar / presentation is advertised via a funnel, where prospects register for access with their email address. Advantage: You can also use this tool to build your lists.


Value: €147.- • Fr. 167.- / month
Value: €37.- • Fr. 42.- / month
Value: €26.- • Fr. 29.- / month
Business card scanner

Make an impression. Save time.

Our business card scanner lets you capture data and submit a quote in a flash when you talk to someone. Impressive for your conversation partner, time-saving for you.

For example, at a trade show, someone gives you his business card. You scan it with your smartphone by photographing it. Then you click on a button to submit the respective offer in real time. That means a double opt-in email is sent automatically, your counterpart clicks on the link and receives the funnel with the matching offer. This makes an impression and you have a new address in your list.

By the way, you can also do this on your laptop or PC, should you not have your smartphone at hand at the moment.

And if the person you're talking to doesn't have a business card, that's no problem either. Then simply enter his / her data / email address and send your offer.

It couldn't be faster and easier, and so you are faster than all your competitors, who enter the data of the collected business cards during in the next days, sometimes even weeks, and then send the desired information. And this is usually done in violation of the law without a required double opt-in!

You can also use the system if you have personal contact with customers and clients to build your list. Offer a deal, a special offer, scan the business cards if available, or enter the email address. Then send the offer. Your customers will be thrilled. This way, you can create lasting loyalty among your customers and keep submitting offers at the push of a button and at no cost.


Value: €27.- • Fr. 31.- / month
Online Shopping

Technology that is fun for you
and brings you more success.

Don't hand over your customers to the big online stores!

Online shopping is becoming more and more important. Not only since the crisis. Companies that sell online are increasing their sales. During the crisis, online sellers achieved dream sales figures. People were forced to buy online and many stick to it because it is convenient.

Clever entrepreneurs who have a classic offline business also implement online sales to be prepared for the future and further crises, to be able to serve their customers online at any time.

Many think that online shopping only works for other businesses and not for their own. This is wrong. Any business in any industry can operate an online business.

As you already know, online businesses have enormous growth rates, while offline businesses are losing. Today, the volume of online businesses already hits 50%, and the trend is rising rapidly. And classic offline entrepreneurs who also set up their business online benefit twice and are crisis-proof.

The crisis bonus as our contribution: Your own online store - local and online. The digitization packages include a webshop system including domain, hosting and server.

All you have to do is set up your store or have it set up - and off you go. Your customers can remain loyal to you, they can continue to shop locally easily and conveniently with you and do not migrate to the big online stores.

A delivery service, e.g. a bike courier, makes it even more attractive and is also more ecological. This way you will remain competitive in the future and your customers will appreciate your offer.

Impressive: You can generate new income streams. Not only through this new sales channel, but also through new products that are suitable for online sales.


Value: €35.- • Fr. 39.- / month

Achieve more sales, more profit,
more security... and more freedom.
Quite simple. With little effort.

Get to know your customers

Find out how your customers tick and gain a competitive advantage.

Customer satisfaction surveys help you connect with your customers at every touchpoint. So you'll always know exactly what your customers want, need, and expect.
Value: €42.- • Fr. 48.- / month
Video communication
Online appointment planner
Online seminar • presentation
Business card scanner

Run dynamic processes yourself.
Control them yourself. Be independent.
Automate expensive processes.

Online shopping
Member area
+ Video Uploader

Inspire your customers with personal dialogs.
Increase customer value in the long term.

Member area

You can easily set up an open or protected member area in your back office. This way you can sell products or services and send your customers a login for access. You do not need any additional software.

You can set up as many member areas as you want, where you pay extra elsewhere.


Set up video courses, with and without PDF, create PDF courses, offer perfect coaching with images and texts completely according to your ideas. The design studio with its unlimited possibilities is also available to you for this purpose.

Since many people today go online with their smartphones, you can also present your offers on the go with the mobile design studio.

We have developed various templates for you, so you can easily create an entire course in no time. Or you can leave the implementation to our experts.

And it's all included in the Premium Package. Completely free of charge for you.

Value: €167.- • Fr. 197.- / month

Do you have a system that can do all this fully automatically?

And much more? No? Then continue reading.

Animated video image
Everyone deserves technology that multiplies sales automatically.
The brains behind
You're safe with us.
The best experts are there for you.
If you have individual wishes or needs, talk to us. We always find a solution.
The 5 steps for EVERY company.

Win more customers

Online marketing is becoming increasingly important. Address your customers where they are. Namely on the Internet. Properly structured marketing not only increases your sales, it saves you a lot of money.

You can achieve crisis security for your company quickly and cost-effectively if you make use of modern methods and technologies. 

With our unique customer acquisition machine you will gain customers on the treadmill - 24/7, without always having to worry about it.

Software • Features

Zero-cost marketing. How does it work?

Your company's greatest asset is lists. Prospect and customer lists. So you can send an offer to your lists at any time at the touch of a button. Targeted and to the point. This costs you nothing. Hence zero-cost marketing. Not only do you drastically reduce your advertising costs, you also increase your advertising efficiency enormously, because you directly inform your target group, which knows you.

Also you create much more confidence and thus customer loyalty. Clever entrepreneurs have large lists and are thus totally independent of advertising platforms and the like. This means security for the company. And you save an enormous amount of money.

With our lead generation machine you build your smart lists in no time.


By means of automation, costs can be reduced, in some cases considerably. Today, the automation of recurring and time- and personnel-intensive processes is a must. This is the only way for a company to remain competitive.

With our technology, a wide variety of processes can be automated, such as informing customers, instructions, employee training, courses, coaching, support, etc.

You do not only save a lot of time, you create freedom for yourself. Your business becomes more efficient, especially since things are done fully automatically during 24/7.

New income streams

It is important to build new income streams. Especially for classic offline companies that are hit hard by a crisis.

Especially online, you can also find such income streams for your business that you might not think of today. These are lucrative and secure your business. Often, these new income streams far outstrip regular business. During the crisis, resourceful entrepreneurs proved this impressively.

With our sales engine, you sell 24/7 fully automatically. Online and offline.

New sales channels

Tap into new sales channels to increase your potential. Business owners who never thought of additional online sales channels due to their industry are excited about these modern sales channels because much higher sales are generated due to the wider reach.

Our online sales system sells for you 24/7 without you having to worry about it.

Stay competitive

Competitiveness means not only having a great product, but also being able to adjust prices as needed when competitors enter the market on price. 

Quickly, easily and very cost-effectively achievable with our technology.

The Result

The fastest and most effective strategy to automatically and easily acquire new customers online. You need only this one strategy, only this one technology.

With this technology, you can build large, high-purchasing prospect and customer lists in record time, massively increasing your revenue with much less effort.

With the so-called ReFi technique, you manage to even make money from acquiring leads, which otherwise costs a lot of money.

You use your advertising budget in a much more profitable way and increase it despite ongoing reduction of your advertising expenses.

Not only do you secure your company in the long term, but you can expand your business - even in times of crisis.

The worst mistakes

1. directing website or funnel visitors to social media where they get lost.

2. not directing visitors from advertising and social media to a customer acquisition system and collecting their email address. This can be fatal, because these visitors are usually lost forever.

3. directing advertising contacts to a website. It is hard to generate contacts and gain customers with websites.

Websites are good for information, not for contacting. People click, get information and usually leave and don't give any contact data. There is no way to win customers like that.

With a marketing and sales systems, so-called funnels, you can make an irresistible offer that no one can refuse. The visitors either want it or not and enter their email address. The chance is 50/50. Depending on the offer, it is 30/70 to 70/30 (300 to 700 contacts per 1,000 visitors). And not only 1 to 3 contacts per 1'000 visitors like on a website.

The #1 Page and Funnel Builder

Technology and software for you

Easily build highly effective and fully automated marketing and sales systems in no time. You can do it yourself or anybody else your company.

How would it be

if you get 100 to 300 leads or more for every 1,000 visitors interested in your offer(s)?

Your prospects will be guided step by step through the whole sales process by means of page sequences and emails. This way they won't get confused and leave your site right away.

There are a variety of funnels for all kinds of purposes. A lead funnel generates contacts, a sales funnel generates prospects and wins customers, a follow up funnel helps to convert prospects into customers and to retain customers. You are building trust.

Get closer to your customers in no time and multiply your sales.